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We perform Checking and evaluation of noise hazards in the premises of our valued clients.

A sound level survey determines whether or not noise levels in the work place exceed recommended exposure level to assesses the potential of hearing loss. Noise survey is carried out using strategy recommended by U.S. OSHA. The measurements were made using a type 2 Integrated sound level meter set at slow response.

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We perform Illumination Survey in accordance with SHEMS Standards and International Standards to determine whether or not a sufficient amount of lighting exists for the task being performed.

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We perform Industrial Hygiene Surveys with our consultants to minimize employee exposure to hazardous chemicals, hazardous environments and indoor air contaminants in accordance with all relevant standards and recommended exposure limits.
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Asbestos is a general term which is used to describe a group of fibrous mineral silicates. Asbestos is generally made up of fiber bundles which easily separate into long, thin fibers.Asbestos fibers are strong, durable and resist heat, acid and friction. Because of asbestos good physical properties, it has been used for fireproofing, reinforcing construction materials such as cement and used as insulation. All asbestos fibers are hazardous to human health when disturbed. Any disturbance of asbestos materials can create a severe hazard to people. ETLCO Conducts survey, checking and handling of asbestos hazards. Asbestos sampling and identification is used to determine the presence / absence of asbestos in building materials by type, concentration and condition. We have sound experience to perform Asbestos Survey in Potable Water distribution system in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also in the AMBIENT AIR.

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We perform both office and field ergonomics surveys in the industries and offices with our consultants. An ergonomic evaluation involves the basic evaluation of the work area design in relation to work tasks and human kinetics. Ergonomic hazard in work place can increase the likelihood of a worker developing musculoskeletal system injuries. The most common musculoskeletal injuries in the work place include tendentious and carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common hazards which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries include temperature extremes, repetitive motions, awkward positioning and improperly designed work stations and tools.


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