ETLCO provides to its clients the highest quality testing and monitoring services operating with the latest and most advanced analyzers and test equipment.

ETLCO  is one of the leading organization in Saudi Arabia that is providing Stack Emissions testing since 2009.

We provide our expert services & solutions  for emission measurement using US EPA reference method satisfying  regulatory compliance requirement of PME & Royal Commission of  Jubail & Yanbu.

ETLCO owns a fleet of Stack Emissions Mobile Laboratories with US EPA  approved Continuous Emission Monitoring  analyzers stationed in Mobile Laboratory  to perform on site sampling and monitoring.

ETLCO owns equipment that can also be used for  very high temperature emission gas sampling and analysis.

Our staff comprise of highly educated and experienced engineers and technician who can perform the client required tests in most professional way that ensures results that meet all QA QC guidelines.

Our large fleet of mobile laboratories with dedicated technical team (engineer &  technicians)  allow us to meet clients schedule and quick response to customer needs.

ETLCO can performs complete range of stack emission testing that is required by all types of industries. We are very rich in experience  for testing all regulated pollutants, including criteria pollutants  and other pollutants:

¨ Particulate matter (PM, PM10, and PM2.5 fractions)

¨ Acid gases, SO3

¨ Metals (including Mercury)

¨ Dioxins / furans, PCBs and PAHs

¨ Total hydrocarbons

¨ SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, O2